Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beer and Pizza

A friend of mine, a very talented friend of mine shared with my husband and I some of her products- these products are items that she has designed either logo or labels for. And the most recent itmes are: a beer made and bottled in Rhode Island.
I consider my husband a beer 'foodies' be cause he is really particular with his beer. He's not a big fan of the newer wheat beers or some of the lighter beers that are being sold. But this one he really enjoyed. It is not distributed much farther than Rhode Island but if you come across it, tell them Jessica's friend Jeannie told you to try it!

In addition to the beer, Jessica also made some new labeling items for Pastorelli Pizza sauce. AND< for pizza crust as well. An important part of Pastorellis logo is the shepherd- can you see it at the center top of the label?

And here is what the packaging looks like for the pizza crust, which comes in 3 different kinds~
 Along with a recipe on the back of the package. Another great thing about these packaged items- LONG SHELF LIFE!

Restaurant Dinner Menu

This is a fun idea to try every now and then~Two weeks ago I had to do a dinner for 12 at one of the Churches where I cook. I decided to do recipes from various restaurants. I had a difficult time trying to find a dessert other than cheesecake-which seems to be the most popularly restaurant recipe to post. But, I did cookies- check them out.
Here is my first picture, I know it's unattractive, but I have a little sign next to each dish. Perhaps a restaurant logo on the paper would have been best. Another time I'll try that.

My menu was: Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits-

                      Hooters Pasta Salad -

                   Chili's Chicken and Mushroom Soup -

                 La Madeleine's Strawberries Romanoff and Famos Amos Cookies

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Foto

This time last week, I was in Winter Park, Fla visiting my sister. While there we and her two friends had dinners in two WONDERFUL restaurants. The first one was White Truffle and these pictures are from White Truffle. The one looks like a pot pie. It is! And the second was sesame coated fresh tuna and it was basically on a salad bed that was reminiscent of the 'Asian Slaw' recipe. I , we both, just loved our dinners!

The second restaurant was Antonios in Maitland, Fla. I had a creamy, succulent pasta dish but I do not have the picture. My sister had the Veal Marsala with polenta. Oh! We had to get dessert- coconut cake and a really creamy creme brulee-SO DELICIOUS!
Try these place when you are in Winter Park. But all places in Winter park are UNBELIEVABLE!

Restaurant Week in Chicago

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