Thursday, January 3, 2013

Super bowl food picks

Thinking about hosting a Super Bowl party? Or, plan on watching ND blow out 'Bama? I admit, that will be a tough one, but who knew that Nebraska would lose to Georgia! Or Northwestern would beat  Mississippi State!  Here are some suggestions for you super party! More surprises are in store on game day! Happy New Year friends!

Wings, salads, ribs, sandwiches, chili, dips/salsas, brownies, cookies-


More Burgers

chicken fingers


stuffed potatoes

Homemade Pizza

Sweet Potato Dip

Peanut Butter Bar

What did you do on Christmas vacation?

Boy, I sure tried to get some sound sleeping under my eyelids but knowing that it will end soon in a few days - I'm forcing myself to go to bed earlier- but I LOVE STAYING UP LATE AND WATCHING MOVIES OR MAKING MY OWN MOVIES.
Been spending most of my time visiting my sister, I had to take a day off to make various important calls regarding her care. And then, I decided to visit our first granddaughter and took friend +Cheryl with me. After we left, we took in a stop at Bittersweet cafe. That was my Christmas vacation outing and it was splendid. We both had eggplant soup ( now I'm searching for an eggplant soup recipe) that was so delicious. Cheryl went on to have a small sandwich and a beet salad. Bittersweet's ambience, and gentle music and just plain cozy atmosphere took the two of us away from Chicago to a far off place. Wherever it was!
Our new Granddaughter, Quinn Allison

I had to sneak in these beautiful popovers made by George for our New Year's Eve dinner- George says, it's all in the pan!

And below, is the eggplant soup and delicious beet salad from Bittersweet Cafe!