Monday, August 12, 2013

5th week Childrens' Cooking Menu

Interesting week~ Being the last week of the summer program, various classes will hold a demonstration of sorts to show what they learned. We didn't do that. I think I was too worn out from figuring out the best way to execute 1) the large classes; 2) the back to back classes with virtually no free time between them. So a few of us cooking teachers opted out of this for this year. 
The last day, the entire program ( 520 children) went outside to try and break the tunnel ball record. We were competing in the category of most participants.
We won and do not expect to see it get posted too soon.

July 15

Monday –breakfast quiches

Tuesday campfire banana boats, cheesy bread
( Campfire banana boat recipe came from Pioneer Woman recipes)

Wednesday –ice cream sundaes 

Thursday –ice cream sundaes 

Friday -  popsicle day – tunnel ball

Blue Star Bistro and Wine Bar

Last night we went to the city to catch up with our granddaughter and her mom. We wanted to make it easy and simple so the plan was to meet them at the corner restaurant about 4:30 for something light and simple. Well, we had traffic issues getting to the city ( new to us since we have moved farther away) and finally got to the restaurant about an hour later.  We all had fun passing the baby around. Each of us ordered something and the dishes were all very interesting. Katie brought some baby food for baby Quinn but guess what? She didn't want her baby food- she's almost 9 months old! She wanted anything anyone would put in front of her- now, she doesn't have any teeth just yet so we tried the soup Grandpa had which was tomato basil- omg- she couldn't get enough of it! The other dishes on the table were mac n' cheese with a nice hunk of pork belly on top.

Kyle got the scallops

Katie had the goat cheese balls with a blueberry sauce. I love food presentations so much- I def eat with my eyes!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

4th Week Childrens' cooking Menu

July 8
Monday- breakfast French Toast roll ups

Tuesday - 
Make your own dessert dip

Buffalo chicken bites

Thursday – Teach how to hold a knife.
Asian Slaw

Friday Ice cream sandwiches 

week 3 Childrens' Cooking class

July 1 Review how to set a place setting
Review what they learned from each day.

Monday- Apple Pie Cupcakes/ Red, White and Blue Parfaits 

Tuesday- Breakfast Burritos 

Celery stuffers,  make your own dip, layered taco spread

Thursday- NO CLASS

Friday –NO CLASS  

Apple Pie